New Carbohydrate Sources

FQT Clean Sugar Technology (CST™) is changing the game by creating new, low cost carbohydrate sources

U.S. Patent No. 9,777,303 10,119,157 10,480,038 11,034,987 17,019,696 | EP 3121258

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Game-Changing Sugar Source Opportunity

Clean Sugar Technology (CST™) from FQT is here to change everything in the carbohydrate feedstock supply, with low volume at low cost. Using patented, proprietary separation equipment and systems, CST is effectively producing multiple specification, purity sugars for commercial use today.

  • Produces an industrial sugar stream and a high-value corn oil stream
  • Produces animal feed products, including high-purity protein
  • Low cost at any volume
  • Commercially ready
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Carbohydrate/Bio-Chemical Opportunity

The bio-chemical industry is growing quickly, and Clean Sugar Technology (CST™) from FQT provides a proven way to produce an industrial sugar stream at a fraction of the cost.

  • Up to 50% less cost than traditional wet mill sources
  • Tested, commercially proven technology
  • Produces an industrial sugar stream, a high-value corn oil stream and animal feed products, including high-purity protein
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Global Locations of Sugar Opportunity

Clean Sugar Technology (CST™) provides a renewable chemical/bio-chem feedstock source at a huge cost savings, up to 50% less.  Work directly with ownership teams at one of the 200+ available ethanol plant sugar sources in the US, or apply a Clean Sugar solution at any facility, world-wide.

  • Produces equivalent sugar quality to that of a corn wet mill process
  • Precise specifications at a specific purity at any location
  • Global location opportunities without working through multi-national corporations or levels of approvals of the wet mills
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Diverse Revenue Stream Opportunity

The Clean Sugar Technology (CST™) system is a game-changing technology for the quickly growing renewable bio-chemicals industry.  CST can be bolted on to an ethanol plant to produce a sugar slip stream to be used by a co-located or co-licensed bio-chemical process. 

  • High purity clean sugar created in spec for the desired Carbohydrate/Bio-Chem process
  • Increased oil recovery, additional co-products include protein and fiber
  • Solid, proven, sustainable technology
  • Tested and commercially ready from the start
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Ready to Reduce Your Sugar Costs?

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