Fluid Quip Technologies (FQT) completes 10th successful feeding trial with Still Pro 50™

Dr. Carl Parsons from the University of Illinois presented nutritional value of FQT’s 50% purity protein product at the Minnesota Nutrition Conference last month. The product is produced with FQT’s patented Maximized Stillage Co-Products (MSC)™ system. The MSC system has been in full-scale operation since 2009. Currently 2 ethanol facilities in the US and 1 facility in Brazil produce the high-value protein product with 1 plant under construction and 2 in engineering in the US. “Still Pro 50 is truly differentiated from corn and DDGS related products,” says Neal Jakel, VP Strategy and Technology for FQT. “It falls within the AAFCO definition of Grains Distillers Yeast showing its value in the high value alternative protein market. It’s a specialty protein feed ingredient,” Jakel adds.

The recent trials add to the extensive portfolio of nutritional data FQT has collected for the past 8 years in production and companion animal feed trials and commercial feeding operations. “Once you get to the 50% protein content range together with high yeast concentration, the product value increases exponentially over DDGS as well as Hi-Pro DDGS products in the low 40% protein range,” says Dr. Peter E.V. Williams, Chief Resident Nutritionist, FQPT. “It takes many years of work to get a new protein product into the marketplace and achieve high-values for it. FQT’s years of production and technical development work in this space are showing the benefit in value to the producers,” adds Williams.

Feedstuffs® Magazine’s article by Dr. William A. Dudley-Cash discusses trial results and the product trading favorably to high-protein soybean meal within the poultry market.

Still Pro 50 has shown its value at more than 3x the DDGS price for years. FQT and marketing partners have additional feeding trials underway to continue to demonstrate the value of the product across multiple species and rations.

About FQT

FQT® is a premier engineering and technology provider driving new innovations and novel solutions to solve biofuel and biochemical challenges, with technologies utilized in more than 1.3B gallons of global ethanol and biochemical production per year.

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