South America

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Uberlândia/MG – 38411-038
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WFS Benefits

  • 430-460L/MT yield of corn ethanol
  • Remove corn fiber before fermentation
  • Use existing sugar cane mill fermentation, distillation, and evaporation systems
  • Produce high-quality corn oil pre-fermentation
  • Produce high value protein feed after fermentation
  • Increase the fermentation capacity to utilize the total distillation capacity year-round
  • Payback from 2 to 3 years

The patent-pending WFS allows an existing cane sugar plant to process corn during the off-season and also blend corn into the plant during low sugar concentration times. This allows a plant to operate year round while maximizing yields. The WFS system also produces valuable animal feed co-products to diversify a plant’s revenue streams.

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