Additive Technologies – WFS™ Wet Fractionation System Project

WFS™ Wet Fractionation System
Client: SJC Bioenergia, Quirinopolis, Brazil

FQT provided technology, engineering, and key equipment supply for the WFS system at SJC. The FQT WFS system integrates various FQT technologies for additive results including SGT milling, BOS corn oil recovery, and FBP fiber separation. The WFS system was the first Flex Plant of its kind worldwide integrating a Corn Starch slurry stream into a traditional Cane Sugar Ethanol plant. The patented WFS system has allowed the plant to operate the plant during the sugar cane harvest season and also in the off season maximizing production year-round. The WFS system also produces value added co-products such as a high-value protein product, a high-value corn oil stream, and also a corn fiber stream for animal feed. The WFS system has shown corn ethanol yields in the range of 430-460L/MT.