Fluid Quip Technologies is on a mission – decades of pioneering design, development, and technological breakthroughs in bio-based engineering are paving the road to the bio-campus of tomorrow. Our experience and knowledge help to keep the biofuel industry moving forward and on track producing more products with additional revenue today… and tomorrow.


FQTalks are 60-minute informational webinars that can be viewed, on-demand.

Proteins Today

48% • 50% • 58%

Advanced technologies and other sustainable practices allow production of protein and fiber ingredients at scale.

Higher Alcohols Today

GNS • USP • Commercial alcohols

Produce high quality beverage grade and commercial grade alcohols with lower energy requirements than traditional production systems.

Future Higher Proteins

60% • 70% • 80%

Higher-value protein from existing plants.


Lower CI Sugars for the Green Economy

Reduced carbon footprint, improved sustainability.


Meat without the cow, eggs without chickens.

High quality food proteins from plants.

Biobased Products

Yeasts • Enzymes • Oils

A wide variety of high-value products from sustainable sources.

Fibers for:

Textiles • Building materials

Get more value from every kernel.


Acetic Acid • Succinic Acid • 1,3-propanediol • N-butanol

The building blocks of the sustainable bioeconomy.

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What information do you need to make “Good Decisions”, each operational day, let alone during a crisis?  How can I navigate the pitfalls and mistakes that have taken other facilities down? Who has the answers I need today, this hour, this minute? Plant to plant, engineers solving problems in a conversational setting.  Great conversations, some humor, and all the information you need to run adapt, lead your teams, and plant more efficiently for better tomorrows.
Sometimes just hearing what another plant is facing and how they are approaching it can create a spark of ingenuity to help you solve your problem. Other times, we may be the spark for someone else. Either way, the Leaders at Fluid Quip Technologies have experienced a lot and have helped many plants overcome challenges.  Now we are sharing our knowledge in a way that the biofuels industry can utilize for free. anytime. FQTalks are 60-minute informational webinars that can be viewed, on-demand.
We are creating a space for all to share and all to learn, including 1000’s of tips and techniques that we have developed over the years to improve biofuels facilities.

FQTalks #6 Industrial Alcohol

Bridging the gap; from fuel grade to industrial grade alcohol. The First Lady of Ethanol, Kristi Moore, (Kmoore Consulting) joins the team to walk you through the pitfalls, regulations, and various aspects of producing higher grades of alcohols. We also look at the plant operations and what changes need to occur for a facility to move to these different grades of alcohol production.