What information do you need to make “Good Decisions”, each operational day, let alone during a crisis?  How can I navigate the pitfalls and mistakes that have taken other facilities down? Who has the answers I need today, this hour, this minute? Plant to plant, engineers solving problems in a conversational setting.  Great conversations, some humor, and all the information you need to run adapt, lead your teams, and plant more efficiently for better tomorrows.
Sometimes just hearing what another plant is facing and how they are approaching it can create a spark of ingenuity to help you solve your problem. Other times, we may be the spark for someone else. Either way, the Leaders at Fluid Quip Technologies have experienced a lot and have helped many plants overcome challenges.  Now we are sharing our knowledge in a way that the biofuels industry can utilize for free. anytime. FQTalks are 60-minute informational webinars that can be viewed, on-demand.
We are creating a space for all to share and all to learn, including 1000’s of tips and techniques that we have developed over the years to improve biofuels facilities.

FQTalks #6 Industrial Alcohol

Bridging the gap; from fuel grade to industrial grade alcohol. The First Lady of Ethanol, Kristi Moore, (Kmoore Consulting) joins the team to walk you through the pitfalls, regulations, and various aspects of producing higher grades of alcohols. We also look at the plant operations and what changes need to occur for a facility to move to these different grades of alcohol production.

FQTalks #17 Energy Saving Projects – Part 1

We get down and dirty in Pinch Analysis understanding, including how to conduct one in your plant and what should be included. We also look at finding energy saving across the plant, in cook, dehydration, evaporation, Drying, Steam generation.

FQTalks #29 Protein Technologies – Part 2

The magic of protein separation and bonus Les Paul trivia. How we engineer and integrate to the base ethanol plant. Industry poll results on CAPEX project. How do your peers think about adding technology? What fears do plants have on technology? We answer these and discuss how to discern fact from fiction on technology claims around protein separation.

FQTalks #31 – Nutritional Value of CFP – Corn Fermented Protein

How did CFP evolve from DDGS. Why crude protein is not holy grail, but rather amino acid profile and feed-ability of the protein determine the value of a feed product. Join Dr. Joe Ward, FQT Senior Nutritionist as we explore the value of these proteins.

FQTalks #38 Agtech, Protein and the Biorefinery: A Conversation with Green Plains Inc. & Ospraie Management

What happens when Ag tech meets investment? The growth and availability of innovation spreads through an industry. Todd and Dwight share the vison for the biofuels industry and how Green Plains and Ospraie are dedicated to leading a way to the Biocampus.

FQTalks #39 – What You Need to Know About Adding an Engineer to Your Plant

You want one , you need one, but you can never figure out how to manage one…Strategies for hiring, managing and growing your engineering knowledge within your plant. Why you can no longer afford not to have engineering support on your team.

FQTalks #45 – Creating a 5 to 10 Year Plant Capital Improvement Strategy

Not sure how to plan for a future state of the plant? What should I consider in projects, how do I anticipate technology changes and additions, or even the development of new technology. How can I be ready to take advantage of revenue gains as they come up? We walk you through a step by step process to create a plan and get organized for the future of your plant.

FQTalks #56 Project Costs and Project Costs Buildup

A primer on how to build up a realistic project cost for your projects. We use several different ways you can assess the real cost of a project. These steps will help you to determine the working cost of large projects, for budgeting, and for small projects.