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In industry after industry, Fluid Quip Technologies is the key to unlocking increased productivity, improved efficiencies, and opening doors to new markets for your operation.

Lower operational costs, Improved performance and more control

Increasing competition from more ethanol plants and rapid growth of alternative fuel sources puts more pressure on your operation. Fluid Quip Technologies has proven ways to increase efficiencies and optimize production.

  • Process improvements
  • Technology development and implementation
  • Process engineering
  • Plant/process optimization
  • Energy enhancement projects
  • New plant design
  • Plant expansion

Better Engineering – Better Projects


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Components to create the future

Get to green faster

That’s Fluid Quip Technologies’ promise – to be the accelerators to help get innovators where they want to go. Rapid advances in industry and the marketplace demand answers that can keep pace with the need for new ideas in industrial carbohydrates and sugars.


  • Equivalent quality to existing sugar sources
  • Reduced carbon footprint
  • Sustainable supply
  • Gain a competitive edge

Utilizing and implementing multiple technologies into the biorefinery allows companies and their surrounding economies to grow, fueling the production of more and more sustainable products over time.

Corn Fermented Protein

CFP Corn Fermented Protein is an alternative, high-quality protein product. Designed for feed production where yeast provides dietary advantage and there is benefit from a protein source that is low in anti-nutritional factors. It’s the premier solution to growing demand for sustainable proteins, accentuating the most significant attributes of corn and the added benefits of fermentation. With a 25% yeast inclusion, the product is a consistent, sustainable, top-quality, highly digestible, functional fermented corn protein.

From Feeds to Foods:

To meet rapidly-expanding world protein demand, Fluid Quip Technologies enables the production of high value proteins and fiber fractions from the patented MSC™ Maximized Stillage Co-products system. These advanced technologies and other sustainable practices allow biofuel facilities to produce protein and fiber ingredients at scale at their existing facilities.

Food grade sugar

The search for a more sustainable, modern food supply begins with a more sustainable sugar source. Fluid Quip Technologies provides a sugar source that keeps up with the speed of innovation, delivering solutions that can meet the needs of both traditional production and the innovative, emerging food market.

Industrial carbohydrates / sugars

Whether an established company looking for a new, more sustainable sugar source or an innovator in emerging food development, Fluid Quip Technologies provides a sugar source that keeps up with innovation – CST™ Clean Sugar Technology sugars can be a virtual drop-in carbohydrate solution with little or no negative impact on product quality. With a measurable reduction in carbon footprint, sustainable, local supply chain, and greater bottom line, it’s a solution worth a serious look.


Separating the corn kernel into its various fractions with Fluid Quip Technologies opens multiple markets and additional revenue streams for producers. Clean fiber from the MSC™ Maximized Stillage Co-products separation process can be used to produce construction materials, flavorings, and cellulosic fuels.

Higher grade alcohol

Industrial alcohols are in thousands of well-known products used by hundreds of businesses and millions of consumers every day. Fluid Quip Technologies alcohol technology is unique in that it combines a wide range of quality levels with energy reduction to become truly lower carbon alcohol production. Facilities that incorporate this technology can sustainably produce high-quality products at scale.

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SGT™ Product Sheet

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